Our Purpose

The South Hilltop Difference
     We are a united front formed to hear from resident citizens about their neighborhood needs and problems. You do not have to be alone in stiving to improve your enjoyment of your home and community.

     The official purpose and function of the SHNA is "to support neighborhood communication by information and sharing related to enhancing and protecting the quality of the neighborhood and of its individual residents".

     Often people may think that there is no one to talk to about their stuggles with city or neighborhood difficulties and needs. Your ideas and opinions can be expressed to and through us. PLease be active and participate.

     Every citizen does and can make a difference in your (our) neighborhood!!

Thank you for your caring about your homes environment.

Your neighbor,

Reuben Drebenstedt - President
The SHNA is a member of the Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation (INC). To find out more about the work that the INC is involved with, go to  www.denverinc.org

The Annual Meeting and Community Forum is held usually in October to summarize what has happened in the past year and to vote in new Board members. The Annual meeting is open to all in the neighborhood.
EMAIL US: southhilltop@southhilltop.org

Board Members

Officers and Directors          
10-23-2018 to 10-23-2019


President: Reā€™uben Drebenstedt
303-377-0516  reuben@southhilltop.org
393 S. Ivy Street Denver, CO 80224

Vice President: Luis Linares-Roake
  954-830-3165 LuisLinares@gmail.com
465 S. Locust St. Denver, CO80224

Secretary: Norman Chandler 303-399-0089
331 S. Krameria St. Denver, CO 80224

Treasurer: Gail Smart 303-957-8373
355 S. Krameria St. Denver, CO 80224


Bob Dattilio  937-477-6720
372 S. Jasmine St. Denver, CO80224

Donna Drebenstedt 303-377-0516
393 S. Ivy St. Denver, CO 80224

Georgina Kolber  303-755-5431
390 S. Ivy St. Denver, CO 80224

Mark Makowitz 303-884-6264
470 S. Locust St. Denver, CO 80224

Tsehi Teklehaimanot  303-718-9839
381 S. Jasmine St. Denver, CO 80224

Email us: southhilltop@southhilltop.org

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