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We welcome you and hope that you will join us in protecting and promoting the sanctity, safety, quality of life and bright future of our South Hilltop Neighborhood. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding us as an organization. Also share your ideas and problems, we are here to work with you.

Thank you.
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Citizens Who Care
We are a united front formed to hear from resident citizens about their neighborhood needs and problems. You do not have to be alone in striving to improve your enjoyment of your home and community.
We Are Available
Often people may think that there is no one to talk to about their struggles with city or neighborhood difficulties and needs. Your ideas and opinions can be expressed to and through us.

You Can Make A Difference
This truly is your opportunity to join with your neighbors to make a true input towards improving and keeping our neighborhood a great place to live. Contact the association today.

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The official purpose and function of the SHNA is "to support neighborhood communication by information and sharing related to enhancing and protecting the quality of the neighborhood and of its individual residents".